Lissandrato Portalseeker, your guide to locating portals, gates, vortices and corridors to new worlds, in Sigil and beyond. I'm Lissandra the Gate-Seeker, renowned throughout the City of Doors for my famous logbook, which contains lists of places so strange that even Xanxost wouldn't go there. This is your once in a lifetime chance, if you're a canny blood, to sneak a peek at the contents of my logbook and find these places. No guarantees, no jink-back, and definitely no vendettas if you find yourself on the 387th layer of the Abyss even though you were expecting Bytopia. Please wait a while for us to fill out all the portal keys we can find. It'll take some effort, now that the Tempest of Doors has wiped out over 80% of my previous entries. Exciting times!

So what is this place, you ask? A fan-supported website for the Planescape roleplaying game (RPG), once published by TSR and now the property of Wizards of the Coast. A simple repository for all the portals and their associated keys, how to use them, where they lead, and what hazards to avoid. This is a companion site to, which should be your first stop if you're trying to find Planescape material on the internet. For details about the portals, simply click one of the locations in the left menu, or go to the master list below. That's all there is, for the time being. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, try your hand at adding a portal entry using our submission form. If you'd like to drop me a note, my email is krypter+[the @ sign]

Latest News
01/15/2005: More portals have been added, and I've got a little promotional pamphlet for portalseeker, hand-scriven by none other than Mr Harys Hatchis. Feel free to print it out for your game if you like. You can use it as an in-game handout to introduce primes to portals, if you trust them with the information here. Also, we've got a lot of portals for the City of Doors, and that is as it should be given that Sigil is the crossroads of the universe, but Arcadia needs a little love, so submit a portal there if you can.

01/05/2005: Welcome aboard, cutters! We've now collected 114 portals and there are many more to go. The site is now operational, but please be careful with the submission process. If you're submitting a new portal, make sure it's not a repeat of something in the original Planescape books. Those portals and gates have been mostly entered already. Submitted portals should be new and original. The Astral, Ethereal, Ordial and Shadow planes are a little thin right now, so if you have portals in those locations, let's see 'em. We're now part of the Planewalker webring (see bottom of page) and hope to have some company there soon. Happy portal-sliding.

Master List of All Portals

Name Location Destination Key Type
Rua's MirrorYsgardWaterA stone inscribed with the aquan symbol for 'wisdom'.Portal
Migral's RingArcadiaAirA ring or circular object thrown into the airPortal
MistfallenElysiumDemiplaneThe flowering evil of a fallen celestial + a deathPortal
Felonious FerryCarceriShadowRecite names of 313 escaped prisonersPortal
Secret TreatsPandemoniumPandemoniumVast quantities of foodPortal
MoonjinkSigilYsgardan ounce of silverPortal
Obsidian ArchPrime WorldEartha handful of powdered ruby Gate
Dark PoolShadowPrime WorldDive into the pool with a leaf from one of the shadow trees in your mouthGate
The BRalian ArchSigilPrime WorldHorrible poetry recited while spinning three times widdeshinsPortal
Elysium StairSigilElysiumSincere feelings of remorsePortal
CoolgrassFireSigilDrop of fresh dewPortal
WindcryptArboreaSigilA dust reed (consumed)Portal
BronzeBloodBaatorSigilNone, simply walk into the hoop Gate
SkullbiterBaatorBaatorUnknown. Something terrible, no doubt.Portal
GoldhookOtherBaatorSeventeen gold nails (consumed)Portal
DarkeaterSigilShadowpiece of aeserpent skin (consumed)Portal
StrangeBurnWaterFirethe cooling corpse of a recently-killed ice lizardPortal
The Colorless PoolAstralMultiverseLosing your hearingGate
GodsuckerAstralSigilUnknown. Maybe a sufficient quantity of dead-god blood?Portal
From the Dark to the DarkNegativeOtherNonePortal
Dragons ThreeSigilPrime WorldFrom Sigil to Eberron: A peace of a construct; From Eberron to Sigil: A kyber dragonshardPortal
Ooze PortalsSigilEarthnone, or perhaps a shoe activates themGate
Swear & SweatSigilGatetownDrop of bariaur sweatPortal
Pillar of GatesPrime WorldOtherNoneGate
PaintoadsGehennaSigilPainful scream from losing at least 3 hit pointsPortal
Blood Marsh GateGatetownGehennaNone, simply dive into the quicksandGate
TonguebiterAcheronAcheronNone, simply affirm the majesty of MaglubiyetGate
GrimkneeAcheronAcheronA single grim thoughtPortal
JunkheapSigilAcheronA rusty fork-knife-spoon setPortal
Immeasurable GateLimboGatetownNone, simply dive into the monolithPortal
SlagmessSigilGatetownA hearty screamPortal
LadyCircleSigilBeastlandswren's feather (consumed)Portal
CrumblingSigilNegativeDoomguard faction symbol palm upPortal
AlluviusSigilNegativeDoomguard faction symbol palm upPortal
SealtSigilNegativeDoomguard faction symbol palm upPortal
ExhalusSigilNegativeDoomguard faction symbol palm upPortal
DrySeaSigilEthereala sea anemone tentacle; a bag of spices (consumed)Portal
RoaringSigilBeastlandsAnimal bonePortal
Rainy DaySigilGray WasteDepressed attitudePortal
One Last TangoSigilAbyssLit matchPortal
Jiggidy-JigAbyssAcheronMagically animated skeletonPortal
War leads to ChaosAcheronLimboBottle of Chaos-stuffPortal
BrightdanceArboreaPrime WorldDancing a jigPortal
BlacksandsBaatorEarthDiamond, any size.Portal
3FoodBeastlandsYsgardThree applesPortal
Daydreaming at WorkBytopiaAstralBroken daggerPortal
The Hidden GateCarceriOutlandsBreak a magic wand (destroyed)Portal
PeacewineElysiumOutlandsCup full of honey-winePortal
BlowDownGehennaYsgardEmpty scroll tube, blank scroll (return)Portal
Edge of InfinityGehennaFar RealmA bloody knifePortal
Fire&IceFireSigilAn icicle.Portal
Zerth EscapeLimboBaatorReciting the poem 'A Tiefling's Lament'Portal
Weary MindOutlandsBytopiaSmoke from burning leatherPortal
Waste of BreathGray WastePandemoniumSmall gold rodPortal
GiantquencherYsgardWaterWooden staffPortal
Heavy BreathingAirElysium8 lb. chunk of marblePortal
DeepWellWaterYsgard1-inch iron spherePortal
SteelTreeMechanusArboreaThree precise musical notesPortal
SweetbreadNegativeMt. CelestiaLoaf of fresh breadPortal
Rusty CageNegativeSigilBreath of a catPortal
SaltskinNegativeMechanusA kiss; an oily ragPortal
NewlookFireOutlandsGlass lensPortal
Heart of StoneEarthPositiveWooden mallet (destroyed)Portal
SuctionNegativePandemoniumBamboo flute; sneezePortal
More LightPositiveLimboThe word 'lipid'Portal
RunestoneEarthYsgardDwarven rune carved on a stonePortal
Snake-iceNegativeAbyssClench a fist three timesPortal
PyrewoodAirBeastlandsFeeling of hopePortal
NighthowlSigilPandemoniumA scream of genuine fearPortal
DescenderSigilBaatorLipstick on parchmentPortal
Surgeon's EdgeSigilAcheronA patient dying within 50 feetPortal
The Great GearGatetownMechanusNone, simply step on the gear.Gate
Greenflame GateGatetownArcadiaNone, simply reach the top of the pyramid.Gate
The Rising StaircaseGatetownMt. CelestiaNone, simply reach the highest stair. It is guarded by Per though.Gate
Master TraderGatetownBytopiaAn excellent tradeGate
The Bone PlinthGatetownElysiumNone, simply reach the poolGate
Wrath's PoolGatetownBeastlandsAnswer Wrath's questions or be denied. Gate
The Wandering GateGatetownArboreaUnknownGate
The WatergateGatetownYsgardNone, simply dive in.Gate
Hermit's CaveGatetownYsgardNone, simply walk into the cave.Gate
Xaos GateGatetownLimboNone?Gate
The Howling GateGatetownPandemoniumNone, just walk into the tower.Gate
Gate to the AbyssGatetownAbyssUnknownGate
Blackvine ArchGatetownCarceriNoneGate
Blackpit GateGatetownGray WasteNoneGate
Bloodstone GateGatetownGehennaNone, simply approach the eyeGate
The Cursed GateGatetownBaatorNone, simply walk into the pillarGate
The Lion's GateGatetownAcheronNone, simply walk into the eye.Gate
Greedy FishGatetownSigilAny magical dagger (reusable)Portal
Silky ShadeShadowSigilLit arcadian beeswax candle; any magical potion/poisonPortal
Black IsleSigilDemiplaneSphere of chaos-stuff enclosed in Otiluke's Resilient SpherePortal
Swamp ThingOutlandsEarthPlanar fish skeleton (consumed); thrice whisper "Semuanya"Portal
BonedustSigilEarthScraps of clothing from a dead BleakerPortal
LambskinSigilBytopiaLarge silver Bytopian coin (consumed)Portal
GithgrudgeSigilPrime WorldAn ulitharid's tentacle (reusability unknown)Portal
BurningbonesSigilAbyssBone with light cast upon it (reusable); bone with darkness cast upon it (consumed)Portal
Scream617SigilPandemoniumA hearty scream.Portal
Red LanternSigilOutlandsA fine paper lantern (consumed)Portal
DemonhandSigilAbyssBlack rose (consumed); a handful of dust from the surrounding ruins (consumed)Portal
SilverdarkGatetownAbyssMace forged in the AbyssPortal
Mind&HandOutlandsOutlandsHand from one of Ilsensine's damned zombies (consumed)Portal
LavabathAirFireFootman's macePortal
JustEnoughEarthCarceri5 feet of ropePortal
FeatherheadSigilPandemoniumA painful kick to the shinsPortal
HighdiverMt. CelestiaSigilA tender memory of your mother or creatorPortal
FloatstoneLimboSigilSwallow a small pearl (50+ gp)Portal
Final SecretGehennaSigilReciting the Book of Inverted DarknessPortal
RosepriceSigilPrime WorldA freshly-cut flowerPortal
WhiteloveSigilElysiumA pure white lilyPortal
InhalerSigilAirA scale from a lillend; a feather from an avoralPortal
CracksSigilOrdialA square circlePortal
Howler's CragPandemoniumMultiverseShout above the howling wind+one other thingGate
Labour's RewardBytopiaBytopiaA day's hard-earned wages and whistling.Portal
LoamySigilEarthSmashing 3 nutmegsPortal
PipelineSigilWaterLiquid ice (blue havoc), 1 gallon.Portal
RoasterSigilFireBarbecued iguanaPortal
Blackest VoidOtherNegativePitch black darknessPortal
CrikeonSigilGray WasteAsphodel flower, must be eatenPortal
LatchkeySigilCarceriGlass orb with something inside.Portal
HellrideOutlandsBaatorFresh black diamond demonheartVortex

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